GoDaddy Vs Bluehost Review 2019 [Comparison Video]

GoDaddy Vs Bluehost Review 2019 [Comparison Video]
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Either you are looking for some hosting service to bring your business online, or you are a newbie to the web designing world; that is why your search directed you to this page. Well!

The market is loaded with a variety of hosting service providers and beginners may often get confused about selecting one. The best idea is to go through the detailed review or get audience opinion about features and pricing of different hosting service providers.

GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Here we are going to talk about Bluehost and GoDaddy; two top rated web hosting services that are serving clients all over the world. But those who are little confused about whether they should go ahead with GoDaddy package or try Bluehost are advised to go through the detailed comparison below. It will help you to decide the best choice for bringing your business online.

GoDaddy Vs Bluehost – General Overview:

GoDaddy is well known as the worldโ€™s most powerful and trustworthy domain name registrar that is serving millions of website owners around the world. Reports reveal that it owns biggest cloud space for independent individuals, small and big enterprises. GoDaddy founded by Bob Parsons in the year 1997, and today it provides web hosting services and web builder integration along with domain name services.

Bluehost is another cloud-based web hosting service provider that offers many tailored packages for individuals and business owners. Consumers can either choose to work on US servers or buy packages for their own servers to enjoy faster speeds for websites. With its advanced control panel and consumer-friendly interface; Bluehost has helped many new age entrepreneurs to build a strong brand reputation online.

Pricing โ€“ GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Both these hosting service providers offer a wide range of plans; the list includes standard, business, pro, economy, deluxe and ultimate as well. Users can choose any of these depending on their personal needs. The starter packages of both these service providers are suitable for those customers who are interested in hosting only one website. You cannot expect high performance for those who need more resources. However, the high-end plans offer unlimited storage, multiple email accounts, large bandwidth and many domains as well.

Although Bluehost offers you many discount coupons along with its 30 days money back guarantee; but there is no competitor to the $1 hosting plan of GoDaddy. It is the best offer for all beginners around the world.

Performance โ€“ GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Performance of a website is rated in terms of uptime and loading speed. Ideally, a website must open in a fraction of seconds, and it must stay active all the time. Well! Both these hosting service providers promise 99.9% uptime; however, if we look at the customer reviews, people are more satisfied with the speed and performance of GoDaddy.

Usability โ€“ GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

Most of the business owners these days are interested in creating a healthy online appearance. They want reliable and trustworthy services to create websites online. GoDaddy makes this task quite easier for all beginners as it allows users to ensure one-click installation for WordPress platform. There is no need to learn typical coding languages; you can start building your website with simple drag and drop tools. On the other side, Bluehost offers compatibility with almost all the open source scripts available in the market; users reveal that it allows them to manage all elements of their website at one place. We must say that both these hosting serving providers have a tie in terms of usability.

Customer Support Service โ€“ GoDaddy Vs Bluehost:

But the waiting time for Bluehost is observed to be more as compared to GoDaddy. The support team at GoDaddy is always ready to entertain your issues on priority so that you can stay out of all the troubles. So, after reading these details, the decision to choose any one of these is all yours!


In case if you have some second thoughts in your mind, we advise you to go ahead with GoDaddy to ensure peak performance of your website. Although we cannot say that Bluehost doesnโ€™t deliver satisfactory services but when you are more concerned about building a brand reputation online; it is important to choose a highly reliable and trustworthy service provider for website hosting. Moreover, the GoDaddy managed WordPress packages can help you build your own website at low cost while ensuring full customization.

Good luck with getting your business online! Hope, you will soon be able to target audience interests in the potential market.